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Download the entire Spring 2017 Newsletter:
Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF - 6.4 MB)
Articles Include:
        • Florida Paleontological Society, Inc. Spring Meeting – April 2016 Bradenton, Florida
        • Important Updates
        • National Fossil Day (NFD) Award
        • Florida Paleontological Society, Inc. Fall Meeting – November 2016 Tallahassee, Florida
        • 2016 Junior Paleontologists Educational Kits
        • 2016 Howard Converse Award presented by the Florida Museum of Natural History
        • 2016 Gary S. Morgan Student Research Awards presented jointly by The Florida Paleontological Society and Florida Fossil Hunters
        • Membership Application and 2017 Dues Reminder
Quick Highlights:

ID & location guide for fossils embedded in water feature at Depot Park to assist with
park educational programs.
(Photo Credit: Paul Roth)

FPS Members searching the exposure at Jackson Bluff. (Photo Credit: Mike Hein)