Cindy-Lockner-Image-webCindy is a paleontology, geology, and outdoor enthusiast. She also serves as a Board Member with the Florida Fossil Hunters, and is a member of Sierra Club, National Parks Conservation Association, and the National Wildlife Federation. She enjoys volunteering, especially in the areas of Field Research and Collections, and has logged in over 1,000 hours in total volunteer work. She recently wrote about her experience as a volunteer with the Florida Museum of Natural History, in an article co-authored with FPS, and featured on the National Park Service web site. She has discovered over 400 fossils as part of her volunteer efforts, which are cataloged in FLMNH’s vertebrate collections database. Cindy helps to co-organize an annual “Women in Paleontology” program, in conjunction with the Florida Fossils Hunters and the Orlando Science Center, giving a platform for professional women in paleontology and the earth sciences to share with young women and girls about career opportunities. She is working with FLMNH FOSSIL Project and will be co-presenting an Abstract with FFH on public outreach efforts and amateur contributions to the field, at the 2016 Southeastern Geological Society of America Regional meeting. Cindy also volunteers with the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, and in fossil preparation and restoration with The Academy of Natural History Preservation.

“Volunteering is an incredible educational experience, and helps to strengthen museum collections and advance research. It provides amateurs, like me, an opportunity to discover, preserve, and protect fossils for future generations to see – and it is a lot of fun! Joining FPS has brought me friendship, laughter, and knowledge – and I encourage anyone interested in fossils, to get involved – come join us.”