As stated in the Articles of Incorporation, “The purposes of this Corporation shall be to advance the science of Paleontology, especially in Florida, to disseminate knowledge of this subject and to facilitate cooperations of all persons concerned with the history, stratigraphy, evolution, ecology, anatomy, and taxonomy of Florida’s past fauna and flora.  The Corporation shall also be concerned with the collection and preservation of Florida fossils.” (Article III, Section 1).

Code of Ethics


Section 1.  Members of the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc., are expected to respect all private and public properties.

Section 2.  No member shall collect without appropriate permission on private or public properties.

Section 3.  Members should make a sincere effort to keep themselves informed of laws, regulations, and rules on collecting on private or public properties.

Section 4.  Members shall not use firearms, blasting equipment or dredging apparatuses without appropriate licenses and permits.

Section 5.  Members shall dispose of litter properly.

Section 6.  Members shall report to proper state offices any seemingly important paleontological and archaeological sites.

Section 7.  Members shall respect and cooperate with field trip leaders or designated authorities in all collecting areas.

Section 8.  Members shall appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources.

Section 9.  Members shall conduct themselves in a manner that best represents the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc.

Section 10. Members shall not discard any foreign materials (such as emptying buckets/bags from a previous collecting trip) that would cause cross contamination at any site, potentially endangering future research data.