Alex is a graduate of Georgia College, located in the Piedmont Region of Georgia. There he received his bachelors and master’s degrees in biology. He was involved with the setup of the first university based natural history museum in central Georgia. The museum is a fossil repository for the National Park System, and has an extensive collection of fossil mammals from the White River Badlands of South Dakota. Alex assisted with multiple collecting trips to the Badlands of South Dakota, Yellowstone National Park, Tetons National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. Alex also spent eight years as a curatorial assistant in the invertebrate paleontology division of the Florida Museum of Natural History. There he collected, identified, and cataloged fossil invertebrates (mainly mollusks) from all over the Southeastern United States, Caribbean, and Central America. His main research interests have focused on the Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic molluscan faunas of the southeast, especially the Oligocene, Suwannee Limestone, of north central Florida. Alex is currently the collection manager of Mollusks at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. He is also a member of the board of directors for the Florida Paleontological Society. Along with Roger Portell, he has produced a series of identification guides for fossil mollusks found in Florida for the society.