The Plaster Jacket Series

The purpose of the Plaster Jacket is to aid in fossil identification and it was a place for paleontologists to preserve unusual and interesting specimens.  More editions will be added as they are scanned.

fossil skull


Fossil Species of Florida is a publication of the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc, and is intended to provide basic information about common or important fossil species found in the state. For vertebrates, it will supplement information provided in the book The Fossil Vertebrates of Florida published by the University of Florida for the FPS in 2001. The earlier issues in the series will primarily cover vertebrate species, but eventually it will encompass all taxonomic groups and include articles on fossil plants, invertebrate animals, and microfossils.

Physical copies of most of these publications can be found in our publication store.


Papers in Florida Paleontology is an official publication of the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc. All members of the FPS are eligible to submit manuscripts. Submitted papers should pertain to the stratigraphy, evolution, ecology, anatomy, or taxonomy of Florida’s fossil fauna or flora. Papers will be judged for scientific content by the editor and at least two other reviewers.


ISSN 1536-5557

Florida Fossil Invertebrates is a publication of the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc., and is intended as a guide for identification of the many common invertebrate fossils found within the state. Each part deals with a specific taxonomic group and contains a brief discussion of that group’s life history (based on modern analogs) along with the pertinent geological setting. This series deals solely with published taxa; no new species descriptions are included. Some of the specimens figured in this series are on display at Powell Hall, the museum’s Exhibit and Education Center. These publications are only made possible through the generous financial support of James and Lori Toomey.